As most corporates will admit finding the right candidate in the shortest period of time is not the easiest task, but is fraught with all sorts of obstacles & frustrations.

Time is money and often corporates can better spend their time focusing on their core areas of expertise. Let us use our expertise to make your life easier

Carol-Ann is a dynamic and professional individual who can confidently be relied on to tackle any task. She is an exemplary recruitment specialist displaying a keen ability to identify the ideal candidates that I require and has continuously tracked down and selected excellent talent in the timeshare industry. With Carol-Ann on hand I know the job will be done efficiently and effectively. Her positive attitude and focus have resulted in successful placements, which always meet my exacting standards. She is the type of person anyone would want on their team, demonstrating not only integrity, but also commitment to her work.

Adrian Watkin-Jones Managing Member Arrowwood Intl.

Carol-Ann over the years has become a familiar voice in my business. As a recruitment specialist Carol-Ann has always delivered an impressive selection of candidates, comprising some of the finest talent available in our industry. Being in the Telecoms/ISP industry, tracking down experienced and capable talent has always been a challenge for me, thankfully Carol-Ann’s approach and impeccable attention to my exact requirement has seen her succeed in making placements with me. A part of Carol-Ann’s allure most definitely has to be the fact that her word is her honour, I admire a person who does what they say at the time they say they will do it. Knowing that Carol-Ann is on the case to find my next Top Sales Dog, I have no cause for concern!

Sean O’Donoghue Director VOX Datapro