Who we are

Who we are

Together we create great careers!

Our core focus is to service corporates by sourcing appropriate candidates for mid to senior level positions.

Carol-Ann Farrelly comes from a sales background of 23 years in various industries ranging from hygiene to medical sales to mention but a few.

She has worked for top brand companies such as Rentokil, Bayer pharmaceutical, Old Mutual and Imperial Car Hire.

Her recruitment experience as a generalist started with Cozens recruitment in January 2009 which created her passion and love of the industry. Thereafter she set up the CT branch of Salesguru after being headhunted by a director (a previous sales manager). In this role Carol-Ann did business development in the niche market of sales recruitment from mid-level upwards. After 6 months the Directors made a decision to close down the recruitment arm of the business to leave the company free to focus on their core business namely training and magazine subscriptions.

This brought Carol-Ann to the point where only one option remained and that was to open her own recruitment company, and continue with the passion and dedication to the role of helping clients find that elusive ‘perfect’ candidate & helping candidates find the roles that move them forward.

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